Spontaneous Love


Imran, 30th Mar 2019

I rather be a sparrow than a snail
Wondering when the dark forces will fail
Guess I should, if i could go out and fight
For the victory of Good – fight with all might

In another lifetime we were taught to be strong
Because in a war we are, one that takes too long
To Marshall the forces that fight for the right
Fight to stay ahead and live valiant in the light

What will we do about those who seem not to care
For their future, one that could be as of fresh air
In splendour we shall wrest the utmost from this life
What a pleasure to live an uncertain life full of strife

Strife is what makes us value the passing moment
Full of wonder for we shall strive to make a dent
And fill this world with wondrous fragrance
To bring to full cycle a life of no more negligence

Rather vocal are we that this earth should have plenty
And be bound to each other we are in our misery
But it is only darkest just before the sun breaks out
Oh will it all be made into perfection in his inmost thought