Spontaneous Love

First Touch

Shasa, 8th April 2018 – Based on a weird dream I had
For that passing ship that brought me this.

a stranger walked into my room, while my light was on
and mumbled something about a project I was working on
I spoke about it a little and then realized I was hard
I cupped my hands to her ear and said a little embarassed

Lady, I may not be that good in bed,
but its been a while since I gave a girl head
If you know anyone let me know and I’ll willingly oblige
But instead of pulling away I just knelt and put my arms around her side

Wanting badly to go down on her but not knowing what to do
we just stayed there for hours, just us two
in silence that embrace seemed to last forever
a couple whove bonded, will always be together

dawn came and with it her roommate who I knew
who’d sent her to help me with my projects – quite a few
when the roomie left, I realized the depth of our attraction
not wasting a moment, I began to give her satisfaction

a week of love-making while time stood still we went through
a love that grew from a hunger that consumed us two
this time we played for keeps, a love that grows in leaps
and bounds. Still together, we love each other heaps!