Spontaneous Love

Friends Oughtnt Fight

Shasa, 6th April 2018

Do we really need to fight anymore?
Over the mountain and down in the valley we’ve been
Yesterday I held your dreams in my hand
And you were my heart’s salvation

Why should we let a moment’s bitterness
Engulf us and make us forget our heyday?
A mite weatherworn we are
But sail into yon horizon we shall

Where I was your dream unsated
And you filled my eyes with wisdom
Is there no cure for this malady that has befallen us?
No setting aside our cloak of bitterness?

Can you find it in your heart to forgive?
This madness that is my despair confounded
Or I your madness that is grief unslaked
That worries us until theres no one left

No tender yesterdays that we filled
With our camaraderie and gaiety
Come back to me o friend of the world
Let me support your weather-beaten heart