Spontaneous Love

In My Life

Imran, 2nd June 2018 – for A

With friends I still can recall
Oh how ive loved you all
Then came along this friend
3 weeks after me. she does lend

Into my earliest dreams of how love can be
I was then 20 with many sunrises before me
7 years passed and I fell for a cloud in the sky
Fell hard and for 2 years her love I did enjoy

But it was all an illusion – just a deluded man’s dream
So it turned out and deep within I wanted to scream
Now when I think of love it is with fear
That another loss my heart mayhap will not bear

But love it is that comes and lifts us all
Amidst clear skies and a stormy squall
Enjoy them seasons I do a man full of caring
Who loves tender and deep with each new spring

I think back to when I was 20 – in love for the first time
A woman to ride beside in any sort of clime
Who looked at me to the depths of my very soul
Saw a hunger there to fill many a cup and bowl