Spontaneous Love


Joyland and Charity, 14th Feb 2019 + 10th Apr

Love is the beginning the middle and the end
Joy it is that makes it all worth our collective while
Passion should drive us, drive us around the bend
Humility keep us in check as we go around serving with a smile

Selflessness is the mark of true greatness a grace from above
Srivatsam signifies all the virtues of wealth and prosperity
Ananya is what sets us apart. Atulya as each flies up like a dove
Happiness is what saves us from any kind of calamity

Satisfaction is the reward of a lifetime spent in caring
Blessings are the spirit of a future oneness that takes our heart
Eros, philos and agape the progression makes us daring
Life an endless cycle as we race back, back to the very start

Were not here very long, time keeps ticking
Glimpses of divinity everywhere, our love growing
As we accumulate experiences, some wear some care
Through it all, you oh lord, like a breath of fresh air

Make us know the depths of our heart as we hear
Your voice resonate deep within us, that we may bear
Your message of love for animals, plants and minerals
For Life thus Explained causes us to become immortals