Spontaneous Love


Imran, 12th May 2018 – inspired by Kinnie, once mentioned here in 2015 and of course Niggle (that alter-ego of Prof. Tolkien.

Chapter 1 – Niggle

Many years before Niggle had taken to painting he had been in the war.

Not the one where had been spewed hatred between man and his brother but the cold one which saw races to the moon and for developing armaments.

While he was on the last frontier, 2 years away from the land of his youth, he had met Cassie. Before long their love had started growing on its own. She the bright young thing in a town of malcontents that brought out very protective feelings in him, he the shy bespectacled mild mannered man in the mackintosh.

The haven they built to shut out thoughts of the large and looming end of days by nuclear detonation was not to last long. One sunny afternoon he found himself whimpering in sorrow.

That life was short and would he ever know the love his now deceased parents had known, before a madman brought an end to life as they knew it with the press of a button. Gently she reached for his hand and held it in hers.

Time came to a standstill as he smiled at her softly and continued pouring out his feelings. With a stirring in her heart, she noticed a new keenness to her perception and her appreciation for him grew with each day that passed.

One day as they spoke, she noticed a change in his tone. Gone was the timid, fearful man – there was a confident strapping young gent ready to take up the challenge of life and wrest from it it’s secrets and tame it to his designs. All this she sensed had slowly been developing as speaking to her daily had washed away the stains of their war.

She felt a new sensation of warmth enter her and settle at the base of her stomach, constricting her chest slightly and causing her to part her lips. She slowly gestured to him to stop talking and took his hand and placed it on her stomach, causing him to stand gently behind her.

They stood like that for another age. Time standing still when every cricket chirp and bee buzz was heard with heightened awareness. Wanting more of that warm sensation, she quietly let him to a corner of the meadow where the grass had a near-perfect sheen.

Later as they lay entwined, she held her stomach with much delectable mirth and wondered at what they had done and could feel the new life in her already, a surety she knew as only a woman could.

But their brief haven would soon be despoiled. War broke out and he was forced to move on and her village ransacked and she fled far away. Long days he spent on his return looking for her, but fate never had it that they would meet again.

Chapter 2 – Cassie