Spontaneous Love

Lord Scamp

A puppy you came down, oh the best of us
For doggy love it is, missing in this world
And then as an adult I met you in a dream
Philosopher Dog that bowwowed a message to me

One forgot in the light of day but that remains
In the deep backroads of my mind
To come forth at the right hour
Turn my mood sweet from sour

Sweet was your face, a kind soul
Noble your expression a true Marquis
Who looked upon this world and its woes
And with a woof awakened that Father Almighty

Who granted us succour in our trying times
A grace from above that warms deep within
And touches to our marrow – a life truly blessed
To live on this Earth and on verdant greens run

Hike through the woods and secret caves find
Where the raw beauty of nature seems to burst out in splendour
Olvar and Kelvar in harmony with one another
Did He that made the grasshopper and the lamb truly make Thee?