Spontaneous Love


31 Mar 2019. For Louise L Hay, at a healers meet

I am grateful to God
And I am going to blog as I nod
I haven’t experienced this before I am so happy to be here
It feel so good to have all of you here

I experience the beauty of the universe with love and joy
I set out to win it all with a loud yell of ahoy
My life is an ocean of blessings
And it full of givings of happiness and feelings

I am blessed and alive
Which helps you to survive
I feel connected to nature
As we love life it becomes our greatest teacher

The waves of life come and go
Make everyone your friend not your foe
We toil in search of the perfect partner only to find it was ourselves
So roll up your sleeves and get to work, busy as them elves

I jump with joy to the music of love
And fly the highest skies, free like a dove
You, me and we together this team is perfect
And this force we feel is a love effect