Spontaneous Love


Imran, On himself – 8 Oct 2018

Sonofabitch he had been called by only the closest around him
Idiot I’m gonna bang you said another that loved him
Psycho hed been named in college and before that lunatic
Love them all anyway he did even the complete dicks

Hermit from the wilderness a dear bespectacled friend clucked
And intriguingly a woman had told him he was greatly loved
Adore her he did, the cutest woman he knew
Who’d inspired him to build a life not straight but askew

Queer his friends regarded him – a nutcase but good hearted
Who dreamt to change the world lest his dreams be thwarted
Pretty girls he saw aplenty but had eyes only for one
A girl to ride beside who never knew his heart she had won

Insane was the love he had for friends from lifetimes past
Sandra had set his soul ablaze – he still shook from that blast
Divine was one of his most inspired pieces. It was writ in Nov 2015
He’d reflected on everything that touched him since he was sweet 16

Bulldykes are in fact seemingly-male lesbians
He felt the time had come for their acceptance
Thracian he’d called himself a man who’d become millions
Long after the thespian had made his mark on world citizens