Spontaneous Love

No More Cloudy Days

Imran, 3nd June 2018 – for E

A couple of years separates us
You who will always be kiddo to me
With you beside me I thought does
Life any better than this can be

You filled my days with your sweet dimpled smile
Your gentleness touched my heart
Now I wonder if you will stay yet a while
Let’s make love again, go back to the very start

This time I will try and let you lead
As we dance on into the night
My inmost mind only you can read
As I find a joy that you can relight

Joy it was that brought us together
Ecoutez bien ma cherie
Me and my joie de vivre
You did indeed love me deeply

Why did we ever let distance get the better of us
Or was it just me who couldn’t bear to be without you
Did you really mean to say goodbye and does
My heart still skip a beat as I bravely say adieu