Spontaneous Love

Nymphs And Angels

Imran, Nymphs n Angels – 13th Dec 2018

Beads of sweat trickle down my back in anticipation
Hair like a sheen from ages past steal my imagination
Caricatures of nymphs and angels you bring to my mind
Making my inmost fantasy of you in every shape and kind

When we make love. I think what’d I do to deserve you
Thoughts of you haunt my days. What can I do
Except go on loving you for the things you say
That go on making me feel oh this special way

Breast to breast as we tiptoe around the dance floor
Your kisses on my mouth leave me begging for more
Lips that cut loose as we each pleasure the other one
What a way to live our souls entwined, the summit won

Baby just keep on loving me as I gasp for a breath of you
That makes me believe in love undying between us two
Nearly 2 months have passed since I fell off the deep end
The bond with you all this time has surely only deepened

Waken me to life you have my senses keen and sharp
You’ve accentuated my music as canst a lute and harp
Live in your warmth I want to for the rest of eternity
Hold me tied down as my spirit tries to fight gravity