Spontaneous Love

Plug Away

Plug Away, Imran, Dec 12th 2018

The man of purpose never falls from the virility of youth
Builds a life that exemplifies virtue, nixes the uncouth
A rich life is built as layers of texture is added to character
A base from which to give battle in the human theater

A sense of calm as he sees others hold upright the flag
Of the Grand Architect whose service is never a drag
Always looking forward to step in, fight the good fight
Plug away as humanity sleeps peacefully into the night

Plug away until every possible path is trod and with care
Until tomorrow becomes fairer – ah fragrant fresh air
Whence comes this grace, a blessing from above
Scented with caring and plenty of Divine Love

What higher purpose than to exist; calm and resilient
Join a band of brothers of the very, very sentient
Who join to serve together with grace and aplomb
Together on this pale blue dot, a force that’s never dumb

Rather vocal in it’s charge to feed the poor and hungry
Not just food but tender loving care for all and sundry
With a warmth that pours as love from the heart
Take care to be ready as we race back to the start