Spontaneous Love


Written by Jenny and Imran on 19th August 2018

Future – ah bright it shines with the promise of a new day
Love comes and goes freely but in our hearts it’s there to stay
Drunk brings joys, magnifying our emotions and revitalizing us to the depths of our soul
Happiness and bliss are there in the moment
When no longer just lost fish swimming in a fish bowl

Passion drives us – it’s what makes the journey worth the while
Anxiety stems from not trusting the moment and losing faith – lose it and smile
Success for they that are always able to hold their head high
While some are blessed for in this world they foresee the healing that comes from a little bit of cry

Belief in oneself, trusting the outcome – even when we stumble
Oblivion comes to purge our grief – whilst a roam from us does rumble
And rediscover in ourselves, a joy to behold
Relief, breaking the cast of any past mould

Instinct is all we’re given – a grace from above
Bittersweet is life – no bitter, no sweet – so love
And find in life a way to resonate
Bliss, euphoria, ecstacy – don’t let them close the gate!

[para 5 to be completed in the depths of time]