Spontaneous Love


Resilience, Imran, Aug 26th – for Anusha

Gonna keep this world from dragging me down, I’m gonna stand my ground
Standing ground, the hallmark of resilience! Sparring another round
While there’s something to to fight for and still some spark left in thee
Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose – so fight and be free

Dont give up, dont look back, theres a silver lining, its out there somewhere
We need a shining star to depend on, so shine forth and find the star in there
They say we get more brittle as we age. Thats just a layer of change that keeps crumbling
Away as new dimensions of our being come to the fore, our raison d’etre keeps a changing

When the going gets tough, the tough get going… well they conquer inner space
Find that their dreams can come true… dreams of ultimately finding a Divine grace
For Grace it is most of all, that makes it all happen in reality. Infused by it, we find
Life after all has all been worth the while. So fret not and think we’re in a bind

Its only the Potter’s fire can turn silly putty into Clay and Porcelain. So be pliable
And open to life’s lessons, and remember always the stern stuff were made of – its doable
The race cant be won, only run. So run it to your best – find that one moment in time
That brings us closer to perfection. Perfection lies in simply loving, flowing like a rhyme

So tarry not in life, make the most of what time is left. Regret not for moments passed
Nor moments in the now, wasted away. Dont live in denial – stay in the moment, stay blessed
Break up the universe into its constituent atoms and keep infusing them with your Divine Spark
A love from above, in a script you co-wrote – show them you’re just fine wood, all covered with bark.