Spontaneous Love


Sadness Lifted from the Kernel, Imran, 19 Oct

He’d always sensed a sadness in her, a mind he could unravel
As she clung to him more with each passing night, a swell
And surge that her heart felt for the gentleness he was.
From his eyes and lips and hands – a lingering caress

That drove her into throes of delight as she relaxed in his embrace
Tenderly he kissed her nose and ran his fingers across her face
Their love had nearly always been rationed and metered
But now grew in bounds as his newfound surety she discovered

A surety that his love would stay on target, unerring as a dart
As close as two friends could get, there from the very start
Deeply he treasured their joinings there were many
He never felt as complete as he was in her company

When they made love they both climaxed in a frenzy
A love that stayed true for in each other they saw aplenty
Gently soothing away the other’s fears and misgivings
Gave dreams of a tomorrow that took off on a bird’s wings

What bird was it personified their special special bond?
Perhaps turtledoves it was made their love into a pond
A deep well from which daily they would draw and bring
New love to treasure in their selves as that from a spring