Spontaneous Love


Starburst – Sep 30 2018.

A gift you are from the stars
Lonely am I, a man behind bars
Waiting for your love to shine
Let me in my dear, come be mine

In flood and in drought – all weather
A smile and a kiss, treat me tender
What woman with such grace and art
Hold my cheeks, watch my lips part

As they pray for to melt at your touch
Heart to heart, body to body. A torch
To bear testament to the love we share
In all the seasons with us without a care

Me oh my o, melt at my touch me dear
Guilty I am, of everyday you spend in fear
That our love has plateaued, but it’s really meant
To reach for a new zenith and stand in testament

The heavens may close, my heart may bear
Another year without you – but that’s no fair
Of life to in such cruel fashion keep us apart
I’ll carry our love till the End of Days in me heart