Spontaneous Love

Still Loving You

Imran, 26th Feb 2019

Erupt do my feelings every time I think if you
That my fellow creatures should never be blue
Calm and warm was that feeling you awoke in me
For desiderata it was that enlivened and impelled me

Things desired for all creatures great and small
That reflect the spirit of the God who made them all
A spirit that’s boundless, knowing no limit or end
Make us insane with love, drive us around the bend

Drive us to wrestle and grapple with that very life
That shines as a jewel, a jewel amidst all strife
Babbling is all we can do until your touch does make
Us serene and peaceful, allowing us the joy to partake

And share in all of this wondrous life’s inmost secrets
Secrets that drench us with love as from many tempests
Love that encompasses all, as only Chiang could instigate
Love to liberate every last thrall and to him dedicate

The remainder of our lives, for bound we are to one another
As to their most precious spiritual child is a mother or a father
Come wash away the past and look to the future
Slip into bliss as should every last human endeavour