Spontaneous Love


Taken, Imran, 8th October 2018 – with a butterfly!

Touching her elbow and trailing another finger along her arm
He placed his body behind her and kissed the nape of her neck
Raw thrills tingled up and down her spine, making her feel warm
She slid backwards to press against him searching for that speck

Of boneless flesh that gave them both such boundless ecstasy
Passion was their middle name and togetherness their hallmark
Wet she was all over by the time he finished his neck-spree
A joy to behold was his member as he pulled it out of the dark

Moaning softly she took him into her depth with glee
A sweat beaded face as he thrust his pelvis into her
A cool night breeze wafted through the windows simply
Driving them to new heights of love making as dear

As two lovers can make their lives entwine – a plea
That all couples should always, always make love
3 AM came and went but still they wanted to be
Finding a bliss like grace from our maker above

Truth was a wave of euphoria passed her like a swimmer about to dive
That she could lay her heart bare in their love-nest, feel complete,
Feel a butterfly’s heart beat, aware and fully attractive
Taken gracefully as only her man could, her life replete