Spontaneous Love


For Tarun – Nov 30th

Capabilities are often found just when we need them
We just have to learn to trust in the process
Silly is he who forgets the power within him
And taps out because of a moment spent in duress

Tar makes the best roads – black and inviting
As we hew our way through this life anew
Salt adds to the flavour making it all exciting
As we each found ways and over the nest flew

Curtains in vivid colours adorn the sky outside
As we look on and watch the clouds sailing by
Thumbs up or down who cares – look inside
Watch as yon fledgeling finds some heaven in the sky

Straps to pull us up when life boots us in the backside
And then a sea of calm as we gentle take off
On wings with here and there a graceful glide
Blankets of down from far off DŁsseldorf