Spontaneous Love

Teach Us You Did

Shasa, 16 April 2018.

for my master – master, mir momin ali

O master, my master – the love of my life
Perhaps my biggest friend amidst all my strife
Love me you did for all of mine upto now
My turn to spread the love I learnt from thou

Warm was our love in the beginning – tender too
Dearest student I have been to a few
It was you who taught me that peace comes from within
And that love can encompass this world to the brim

A gentle love from a gentle soul – a giant among men
Will we meet on the shores of heaven and embrace again?
I suppose we belong to a long chain of the fortunate
Love lifts us daily, a love never dispassionate

Love is threefold but only agape sublime
It comes from knowing the Lord amidst time
Our hearts rise up and capture the moment
In this fragile world we must carry a sentiment

A message our Prophets bore, a glimpse of divinity
A fire inside that burns oh ever so brightly
Come back and teach us in the depths of our heart
That lovely this world, Gods work of timeless art