Spontaneous Love


A smile full of braces, you appeared at the corner of a panoramic shot
A sexy voice as you laughed when you blew some soap bubbles apart
Touch my heart you did in ages gone past
Now 7 years have passed and you can still tug at my heart

Sweet by any measure with a heart pure as the driven snow
Lady-like and regal, as you set my heart aglow
Hold my hand you did in jest for the silly boy I am
Wondering when this kid will grow up into a man

But happy you are, your world already set and made
What can I ever be to you except a memory that doesn’t fade
Of a time in our youth when we we’re full of life
Oh lovely to see how you’ve grown into a wonderful wife

Like two ships passing solemn in the night
What happened to our love that gently faded from sight
A girl from yester-life your head upon my shoulder
Was it really the first time you set my heart aquiver?

Kissing I remember for all the good it did me
Along the ether waves that separated me from thee
Now that your back I hope that we can take
Our love forward, a thirst of our’s to slake