Spontaneous Love

The Memory Of You

For Sandra, Imran, 23 April 2018

Air Supply: I cant conceal, its the way I feel

The memory of you still haunts my waking and dreaming moments.
Now made more poignant at the thought of having you with me again.
A friendship we had, sublime and timeless – that feeling still grips me.
Now where is that timelessness? Gone in a moment, leaving me in a vacuum!

What I did wrong, I wonder if I shall ever know. Tell me my dear.
Or shall I just walk along the shores of time, nagged by doubt and confusion.
Did I offend when I tried to hold your hand? Or were my words much and too often?
Were you in love with someone else? Or is that someone why you dont speak now?

Was my approach too slow? Did you wonder why I didnt declare my love for you?
It was fear of losing you, oh that wonderful light in my night. Do shine again for me.
Shine bright as you did, not too long ago. Come back and melt me again with a smile.
Memory is a poor substitute to have for the love I once knew. The one that made life replete.

In friendship we began, and I the pacifist, would dearly kill to have that again.
Kill away my stupid self and rise up and become the person I’ve always wanted to be.
In touch with my inner feelings, and sensitive to those around me.
Always acting from a point of caring, love and right.

Woe unto me for the darkness that tainted my soul these 2 years without you.
Just say hello to me and we canst begin our friendship anew.
What it can blossom into I dare not think, but wonder sometimes.
The choice is yours but I hope we can make each other whole again.