Spontaneous Love

Time Travelling

Imran, Time travelling. Dehors d’Auroville – 6th December 2018

Calm is that state so oft pursued but easily found
For in the end we realise we are to each other bound
The knot makes life tenable for together we find peace
And in that calm, courage to face things with grace

Love huts we build to keep the storm outside
Journeys are made to be remembered, aside
From the destination it’s the memories that matter
As from rock to rock flows good water

Burn away your stupid selves as spirit is revealed in thee
For from dusk to dusk you are you and i am me
A divine spark as only our maker makest us
Love this life, truly madly unto eternity thus

On your shoulder I put my hand – lead you to the light
Softly as two lovers play on and on into the night
Fond memories of being together as we once were
A bliss so surreal as a picture that oughtn’t disappear

Come back and let’s build that tomorrow
A vision so fierce as to fill our marrow
Remember our true path as once we were led
Blood sweat and tears, so easily shed