Spontaneous Love


6th Apr 2019. Romance

Lend your love to me tonight for love we want to share
Make every minute count as into your eyes I stare
Lost as a tiny lamb bewildered by the immense forest
Let’s make love as does the rain in a fiery tempest

I would fly you to the moon and back my dearest love
Fly away, soaring as dreams do on the wings of a dove
Into star riddled skies whereupon floats the moon
Let’s make love sublime from midnight to noon

A walk on a spring evening in a glade of trees I’d beg for
As we together set out on paths that intertwine me dear
What a warm feeling pours from me, your hand in mine
Let’s make love dearie, tell me our lives are so divine

What do I do with this fount of love I have for you
A love I beg you’ll let me drip on you like mountain dew
Shall we race back to the start our love growing tender
Let’s make love my baby, a night of total surrender

Blessed am I to have you and your heart at my side
This earth is wondrous as in your arms I abide
What do we do now we’ve discovered each other
Let’s make love sweetheart, for you my tether