Spontaneous Love

Turn That Page

Help us turn that page, Eugene!
Imran, 6th June 2018

Which decade was it that, out of the last score
didn’t bring new horrors to take the place of the old
Will the call to have no more wars be heard no more
Have we abandoned our conscience, our hearts run cold

Dismantle the machinery he said from the fore
All they did was shoot seven times with one bullet
Leaving the wall of DeCeit a memory of all that gore
Next time we say peace, lets not let them destroy it

Oh Eugene will no one hear your plea before its too late
That we can build a society of nary a single horror
Bring your future into the now for to find your love we’re desperate
Build upon trust and affection and never close the door

To another’s suffering or pain – a shock from above
To make us wake up and regard one another
In a new light of togetherness and love
Strive to be together, mayhap even love our brother

Truly in the way our God meant us to
Love every last creature of this earth
Love our sisters and wives and daughters too
For it is commanded that of love there should be no dearth