Spontaneous Love

Us Not Them

Imran – For Mel and Bal, 18th August 2018

Blank was his face when she said it was done they were free
A moment later it lit up, erupting, hit thoughts carefree
Love me forever she said, forever be mine
Surely I shall my heart henceforth beateth alongst thine

Satisfaction shall be the cornerstone of our covenant of love
You me, me you, together always us two a spell we weave
Thunder and lightning lit their lives up their hearts entwined
A moment of glee their joyous and glowing faces enshrined

Poise he had long striven for and finally found it at her side
A woman he could love into eternity embrace with arms wide
Serene her face as he kissed her as I blessed this couple
A very special couple with much to encompass in their little bubble

Oblivion had lifted, each moment filled again with new purpose
A strand of hair here, a caress there firm and steady as a tortoise
Surrender she had to a newfound sense of her maker
For now her whole nature had undergone a sense of divine splendour

Addicted no more they were to anything except each other
An intoxicant like nothing before had ever gripped him or her
Rebirth they found together, a baptism in holy rivers
Fair they made this world showing God’s work amidst the diverse