Spontaneous Love

Wake Up

Wake up, Imran, 5th + 11th Dec 2018

The sun is burning in the sky
Strands of clouds go slowly drifting by
But the sky holds so many celestial beings
Sons of flame, helium and other things

Back to our origins, a planet of the Gods
In love we find infinity, against all odds
But how hard is it to love your brother
Son of God and also His very daughter

With his wrath aroused the son avenges, because
Their lot was neglected, none fought for their cause
Why does none fight for the very principle of right
Sons of God wake up, live the good life and in might

Engulfed in a sea of Babel’s voices we look
Confused by what’s reflected in the good book
Manifest in body is the spark of the spirit Divine
Son of God, won’t you come into my life, be mine

Transform yourselves, live the Life Divine
Hew your own way, leave the myriads behind
Yoga samatvam uchyate – union with Him and equanimity
Son of God come be that luminous glimpse of serenity