Spontaneous Love


Well, 23 June 2018

In me deep inside is a well of love
It surrounds my heart – fits like a glove
How can time turn something that was eternal
Into a new love, at beginnings – sometimes carnal

Yet timeless as I understand it’s true depth and potency
An experience of divinity, truly a gift from Thee
For the honey is in our throat waiting for it’s time
When drink it we shall, our experience turning sublime

What of thou and I? where on Earth shall we begin?
To continue some connect, discover love amidst the din
And bustle of life, tendrils of our soul entwined
I await thee my love, now slowly going out of my mind

Love once or love all the choice is yours
Love deeply, like a bear gouges with it’s claws
Insane go I not knowing when, who or where
Dare I invite you to come in, haunt my lair?

Consume me once again my dear leave me gasping
Increase my wonder for life as we keep wresting
An ounce more from life, our thirst thus slaked
Leaving our love beneath the stars, unmasked and naked