Spontaneous Love

What Time Remains

Shasa, 6th April 2018

Is it really over? Is this the end of the line? [Jim Reeves]
Will we meet beyond these shores of mortality
Or will we gain a new lease on life
And set right the differences that have piled up

Death is a hard thing to understand
The soul’s release for a while from pain
A cessation of feeling and false identification
With the myriad nettles of life

Life on Earth can gain that divine touch
Which Prophet was it who said to simply love?
There is no separation for those who truly love…
Immortality is won by those who open their hearts

And make way for good to manifest
But until our experiences are full wrought
We understand not this harsh separation
That blots out memory and shatters faith

Precious is each minute and content he
Who fills each one with sixty seconds
Worth of distance run [Rudyard Kipling]. Conquer time [Richard Bach]
and drink ambrosia in Lord Shiva’s halls