Spontaneous Love

When To Dream

When to Dream – Imran, 14 Jul 2018 – for SS

The Saras and Sandras of this world may have left an indelible mark but
It’s visions of you that swirl around in my head
Visions that seem ethereal – go ahead make your cut
Or instead, oh kiddo, bring me back from the dead

I know just where to touch you, but only if you let me in
I’d know just when to pull you closer but lack the nerve
I wanna know what love is – oh dearie just give me a grin
And say that your love I can keep forever and I’ll regain some verve

Babbling was my style until I met you then all the words made sense
My inmost mind you didst unravel as I watched you weave a spell
Of love and gossamer wings on which my heart made a lens
To view this wondrous life again my sorrows cast in a well

It’s all passe you said and gone were my demons in a jiffy
Your demons took longer but plug away at them we did until
One winter morning we awoke to find their memory very iffy
Throw off that cloak you did and ride in sunlight in thrill

Rapt and enchanted we were in the days of our spring
When we made love – sweet the taste, saccharine
Now the years have gone by but ah what joy they did bring
Awake now I realise, I dont know just when to dream