Spontaneous Love

Wie Lieben Dich

Wie Lieben Dich, 20th March 2019

German for “We Love You” said to JFK

We are one in our majesty, the crown of God’s creation
Bliss we feel repeatedly, a sense of pure elation
That washes over us as the mundane transcends all
Profundity magnifies His things great and small

Wie Lieben Dich ils lui a disent. We love you they told him
But he was killed for trying to stop a war so bloody grim
We’ve always killed the very best of humanity
A tragedy repeating itself in every last city

Where men gather together to teach Love’s gospel
Come let’s unite now, cast together our own spell
In which we invite our neighbour to break bread with us
Sit at our board and make of life plenty with no much fuss

Peace reigns supreme in this game of tug and war
A play into which we’ve crept, bringing us this far
Far from the madding crowd, a new lease we’ve gotten
On life, full of its nuances, in depths untrod or forgotten

We must learn to love and treat all with compassion
Love that engulfs us from mansion to remote mansion
Strive we shall in a symphony by Nature orchestrated
As we find a life, simple yet profoundly over sated