Spontaneous Love


Woman of yester dreams, Imran, Nov 5

Oh woman, how I have loved thee most of my life
Nice to see you grow into the role of wonderful wife
Caring for your wards as you do your own children
I wonder do you think of me now and again

Was it only yesterday you filled each waking moment
A promise to forever love each other – how we meant it
And how that love runs true in every fibre of our being
A being that echoes the fragrance of the cosmic scene

How do you feel after has lapsed these vast expanses
Of time since we so lovingly filled each other’s senses
Yesterday we were the sun and moon to each other
Now only a sliver of memory brings us back together

You were to me the dawn breaking the darkened night
And I was unto you a whisper of promised light
Seems like we together threw all our sadness away
A lifetime apart, oh was it all only yesterday

Next time, lets not let this love of ours pass on
Lets treasure it and nurture it in a garden of its own
Time flies but our love ever shalt stay timeless
As loved ones, not lovers – a love that’s stain-less