Spontaneous Love


Wonder, Imran, 10th Nov 2018.

I wish you wonder to look at the night sky as if for the first time
To see the moon wax to her full and hear an old clock chime
As it turns midnight with the promise of turning dreams true
Dreams you held on to for a long time, that reach out and touch you

Make you feel the world is all yours as each day begins anew
Think of dreams lost but that all turned out to be the best you knew
The best days of your life lie ahead of you as faith you again renew
So love never to fear lest your dreams diminish into a lowly few

Win the day when you can and some days you don’t just smile
But remember to fight again the next day, if you can, walk a mile
At journeys end look back and remember what it is your fighting for
A smile, pat on the back and courage to LIVE another hour

Star of wonder, star of light. To shine on and on into the night
We’re after all living each day, according to our highest right
Thy will be done on Earth, as you plan and with all sincerity seek
Be a force for good don’t forget to give courage and help the meek

I love you, you love me – I guess that’s a pretty good start
Build a life of plenty, for in building it we show our true art
Plentiful bounty as grace our Lord doth bestow
In our night, to shine, smile and watch us grow