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How do we stay focused in this "age of distraction"?

The reality is that we are, and always will be, exposed to distraction whether at home or the office.

Many of us are connected to our technology all day, which in some cases increases our inability to focus and complete our daily tasks.

It becomes more important by the day to learn how to avoid the distractions of this over-stimulating world.

Check out this mindmap with strategies and tips to stay focused in the "age of distraction"...

Infographic Created by Learning Fundamentals

The ability to focus is an important factor for success... Create good habits, manage your workspace and e-mail, detox from technology (disconnect), work in focused bursts, and take time to reflect!

Spend some time reflecting on this mindmap and pull out some tricks that will motivate you to eliminate distractions in your own life. 🙂

Cheers to a productive weekend!

How To Focus

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