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One of the ways in which the Good Country will carry out its mission of changing the culture of governance worldwide, from one that is fundamentally competitive to one that is fundamentally collaborative, is by teaching both leaders and ordinary citizens about the methods and benefits of collaborative and co-operative behavior. Educational programs may be interdisciplinary or issue-specific.

Lead by Example
One of the main reasons why it makes sense for the Good Country to be a true country is so that it can conduct policies in a way that demonstrates their feasibility and effectiveness. The Good Country will model the behaviors that it endorses by considering the 'international interest' in every project or event it executes, treaty it signs, institute it builds, agreement it brokers, or initiative it funds.

Hard Power
As the population of the Good Country grows to many millions, its tax revenue will start to accumulate into a significant 'war chest,' enabling it to exert real influence in the international domain. A large population of citizens who are also citizens of other countries also provides the Good Country with meaningful political power.

Soft Power
Using a range of 'soft power' tools from public diplomacy and cultural relations, the Good Country will encourage countries and other actors to act in more constructive, imaginative and collaborative ways.

This is a form of 'soft power' which can be highly effective in encouraging both populations and their governments towards a more world-friendly approach. It is a basic tenet of the Good Country philosophy that culture is not simply a form of entertainment, but the only means of directly addressing people's hopes, aspirations, and better nature.

Foreign Policy
As a state actor in its own right, the Good Country will devise and implement its own foreign policies via its diplomatic service, and (using recognizable public diplomacy approaches) via its own population in their home countries and elsewhere.

Systems and Structures
Using its economic resources as well as its skill in institutional design and reform, the Good Country will be in a position to fund, conceive, design, build and operate new systems and structures within the existing international system when these form part of the solutions its proposes.

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