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Are good people good enough? Shasa (Imran), c Sep 1 2017

A good country it is that takes its responsibilities seriously, not just to its citizens but to the foreign Nationals that live in its borders, to its own children that fate seeks to plant elsewhere - ambassadors of its goodness who bring its best characteristics to the global melting pot - the best not the worst.

We have within every last one of us the potential to be good, not to stand by passively and let the evil forces gain even a toehold! Together we are one - we are a budding new species showing promise. Promise that is reflected in our actions, our supportive nature, the small tokens of goodwill we make, the leaps of faith we take, the jobs we do, the company we keep, the ideas, goals and dreams we share, our considerations to the unfortunate esp the ones steeped in ignorance who seem on the other side of the battlefield.

We get distracted by all the smoke thats projected, being polarized when we should be more kind to one another.

Poverty, ignorance and corruption: the 3 demons against whom we must daily give battle. What of the metaphysics of quality and our quest to reclaim the dynamic from the mud encrusted static?

How do you give battle against a very subtle unseen enemy who makes it seem that the good guy from the other land is the bad guy when its your very leaders who are corrupted by lusting for power and money? Omit the negative from your day to day unless you believe you know how to fight it!

Build an environment of inspired people in touch with their own emotions and ambitions, far removed from ignorance and the petty mindsets that these poisonous demons promote so well.

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