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We're starting a new country: a country defined not by borders, but by values. A country made up of hundreds of millions of people around the world, all
motivated by a shared desire to make the world work better. A country with the power to bring about real change in the international community.

The Good Country exists to prove that if countries learn to work together, then we can start to make real progress against the grand challenges of poverty and inequality, climate change and conflict, migration and pandemics. But it doesn't end there: by collaborating more, countries can achieve more growth, peace and stability than by constantly competing against each other.

This means a big change in the way that countries are run. International agencies, charities and campaigning organisations don't have the influence to achieve such a change on their own: it's going to take a new nation, with millions of citizens, and the economic power that brings.

The Good Country's population already exists. Research shows that at least ten percent of the world's population shares the Good Country's values and its world-view. That's 760 million people, the third most populous nation on earth, and nobody even knew it was there… until now.

Here's how we'll make things happen:
* We will teach the leaders of other nations, and their citizens, how they can achieve all their aims without harming other populations or the planet; how co-operation and collaboration often produce better results than competition.
* We will follow those same principles ourselves, inspiring other countries to do the same.
* Sometimes, we'll use our financial muscle to push other countries to do the right thing.
* We will also use our powers of persuasion, and the collective voice of our millions of citizens.
* We will work with arts and culture to inspire people around the world to work together with courage and imagination, and tackle the great challenges of our age.
* We will use new forms of diplomacy and foreign policy to get the best out of the community of nations.
* We will use our own resources to design, build, and manage innovative new systems that will help make the world work better.

The Good Country doesn't exist because we want to build an ideal country, but because we need a new country to build a better world.

We're lucky enough to be living in an age where such extraordinary things really can happen.

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