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Thoughts about the responsibilities of governments?

We believe that world leaders aren’t just responsible for their own people and their own slice of territory: today, their responsibility extends to the whole of humanity and the whole of the planet. And if they don’t like this, they shouldn’t be in power.

Thoughts about globalization?

We believe that globalization has been shockingly mishandled by governments, abused by corporations, and misconstrued by international institutions, causing much of the unrest and inequality in the world today. But it cannot be reversed or abandoned and must be reconceived in a more sustainable form. There are many good things about globalization; it should be the best achievement of human development.

Thoughts about belonging?

We are members of the human race first, and only secondarily citizens of nations, cities, tribes, congregations, etc. We are motivated by a love of humanity in all its forms.

Thoughts about music and the arts?

Music, art, literature, dance and film are not ‘entertainment,’ nor light relief, nor are they background noise: these are the means by which complex ideas and feelings are communicated directly to people’s souls; they are how you engage and move people rather than just informing them. We also believe that beauty and creativity are more often produced by the mixing of many cultural elements than by “purity.”

Thoughts about technology?

Technology is a means, not an end; it is a set of tools, not a religion. It can help us make the world work better, but can’t do so on its own.

Thoughts about aid?

The Good Country isn’t about aid or charity: “The hand which receives is always beneath the hand which gives.” We believe that all countries, rich and poor, have an equal responsibility for humanity and the planet. Charity, aid, and disaster relief are all essential and praiseworthy but not central to our project: our aim is to make enlightened self-interest the default behavior of countries, rather than to encourage sporadic acts of generosity.

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