Movements In Unison

#MovementsInUnison describes the very many people and organizations that inpire / ought to inspire us all.

  • A call to everyone to find, enjoin, found and promote the very many movements all around in the world.
  • An incubation space for a documentary – outlined in this doc and slideshow.
  • A dream of Imran‘s to live (and love) by the mandate (2013) and charter (2015)
  • To promote these movements / build relationships with them.

AurovilleMirra Alfassa / Sri Aurobindo1968heal eco spirit major
Towards a Future Unity and Evolution
Build India GroupCultivate Good CitizenryBiraja Mahapatra2008share eco dir
A platform for spreading values and attitudes that foster oneness, acceptance, harmony and progressive thinking
Captain Planet FoundationPlaneteers Love Nature / EarthTed Turner / Barbara Pyleeco major
Redford CenterCatalyse Environmental ActionRobert & Jamie Redford2005eco major
Satyam Yoga TrustPurify Meditate RealizeSn. Krishna Yogam1980sheal eco dir
A Yoga centre thats inspires its students to give back to society, sharing our wisdom from the Vedic tradition that offers our best learnings from a Golden Age
Sea MovementHarmony with NatureRadhakrishnan2010eco dir
A movement currently supporting farmers that seeks to make us all environmentally aware and less impactful on nature
Spanda FoundationCatalyse Systemmic ChangeSahlan L Momo2008* eco dir
An International Civil Society Organization (ICSO) in the Hague to catalyse long-term systemmic change.

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