Movements In Unison

#MovementsInUnison describes the very many people and organizations that inpire / ought to inspire us all.

  • A call to everyone to find, enjoin, found and promote the very many movements all around in the world.
  • An incubation space for a documentary – outlined in this doc and slideshow.
  • A dream of Imran‘s to live (and love) by the mandate (2013) and charter (2015)
  • To promote these movements / build relationships with them.

Action Party for Peoples ProgressFix the problems that plague usJohn Lopez2018share
An independant no-nonsense News channel dedicated to building a better society and putting an end to information power-plays
Ammai Appar AgamAnbarasu Jshare spirit dir
Build India GroupCultivate Good CitizenryBiraja Mahapatra2008share eco dir
A platform for spreading values and attitudes that foster oneness, acceptance, harmony and progressive thinking
Good CountryOne WorldSimon Anholt2013share dir
An idea that needs to spread like wildfire - that will, as we coalesce into one world (think Dapple)
I & EyeSharing VisionKiran Pamidimarryshare dir
An NGO that has adopted a few government hostels for the blind in Hydedrabad, South India
Root TrustImprove the standard of life for children and womenShirly Charles2005learn share dir
Society for Health Awareness and Relief for EveryoneSocial Work / EducationChristine Badshashare dir
Society for the Health, Awareness and Relief for Everyone

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