Movements In Unison

#MovementsInUnison describes the very many people and organizations that inpire / ought to inspire us all.

  • A call to everyone to find, enjoin, found and promote the very many movements all around in the world.
  • An incubation space for a documentary – outlined in this doc and slideshow.
  • A dream of Imran‘s to live (and love) by the mandate (2013) and charter (2015)
  • To promote these movements / build relationships with them.

Ammai Appar AgamAnbarasu Jshare spirit dir
AurovilleMirra Alfassa / Sri Aurobindo1968heal eco spirit major
Towards a Future Unity and Evolution
LIFE ExplainedSpiritual AwakeningsHans Wilhelm2008spirit major
Overman FoundationIntegral Yoga (all life is Yoga)Anurag Banerjee2011spirit learn
Online research institute dedicated to furthering the legacy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

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