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youtube: uGwBe3N2E_Y|The Hardest Part About Being Vegan, by TVA
link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE0yGL4Bgs2QNomOrslyLtw|The Vegan Activist on YouTube
link: http://howdoigovegan.com
link: https://veganuary.com/
youtube: 5Npv2Mpbd3w|"I Won't Eat Animals," Girl Tells Her Mother

We will be back with our take on Veganism, until then, see the separate page dedicated to the Vegan Activist which has the transcript of their video.

If you want a short link to this page, its http://yieldmore.org/vegan.

Philip Wollen
Trees Mycorrhizal Fungi
Vegan Activist

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