ONE Program

Our planet today desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of every kind, rather than more successful people. We need more countries, benchmarking their nation’s progress with Gross Happiness Index rather than GDP growth. We need more people with leadership quality and moral courage to make the world habitable and humane.

Where to find them?

Most of us in the current “civilized” world, are in some kind of discomfort, panic, conflict, worry, sorrow, anger or stress – over some situation or the other. This is so because we are being waylaid, tricked into wearing masks, blindfolded, hijacked, bounded and led to a dead-end, – the sign of it, is the onset of diseases, ailments, chaos, despair and loss of mind as we age, to ultimately face the question: “towards this end, did I barter my life, youth and entire growing up process”?

Is there a way out..?

Can we replace the onset of…
Conflict with Peace?
Dis-ease with Ease?
Chaos to Clarity?
Despair with Joy?

Indeed there is..!

Thirty five years experience into the field of behavioural science has led to designing the ONE Program, a multidimensional transformative course to release, realize and restore our life energy towards our true purpose.
A program to make a quantum leap from where we have been waylaid and place us on the path of making life fruitful, meaningful and Joyful.

Course Content:

* Existential Feel & Intellect Appeal
* Inspiration and Provocation
* Unfolding our Blindfolds
* Static Self Limiting Beliefs.
* Non Violent Communication.

Structured Process to develop:

1. Appreciative Awareness
2. Good, Useful and Truth Alertness
3. Radical Honesty in Communication
4. Winning sans Competing Integration
5. Commitment, Will and Determination

Participants learn:

– To be aware of own Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.
– To be Alert to Opportunities and Decision Making Skill.
– To Express Powerfully and become Super Speakers.
– Human Relations and Negotiation Skill to Resolve Disputes.
– Self Discipline for Common Humanity Development Goals.
– How To Organise Meaningful And Productive Conferences.

Gain Life changing insight on:

– Idea Generation & Wealth Creation
– Conflict Free Collaborative Relations
– Dynamic Progress & Continuous Growth
– Proactive Health Care & Self Heal Wisdom

Why this Program:

* ONE WORLD is a goal each of us must strive for. One can be an Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Executive, Educator, be in business or profession, the important thing is how to experience Joy and make the world a Joyful place to live. It is this need, – the birthright of every human, that has inspired the concept of ONENESS Program. An importance aspect of this program is to sensitize participants on Socio-Civic Entrepreneurship Opportunities and enthuse them to play a pragmatic role in that sphere.

OccuPASSION – NetWORK – EnRICH Program is a concise, yet most comprehensive life coaching to bring out an all encompassing noble global leader in us.


ONE Program is for Individuals, Business Leaders, Educators, Corporate CSR, Governments and NGOs, – anyone willing to play greater role as Trainers, Mentors, Facilitators, Counsellors, Team Leaders and groom as Change Leaders par excellence.

Program Facilitator:

ONE Program is designed and facilitated by Mr. Saify Saraiya, an International Life Coach with over three decade experience to his credit. He is also the founder director of Zero Violation of Mind – ZVM World Forum.

Experts Behavioural Science Specialists, Psychologist, CSR Activists, Business Leaders and Stalwarts from various fields would also be invited to co-facilitate the program.

The program can delivered in multiple options :
– 7 consecutive 5 hour sessions: 4.30 – 9.30 PM
– One Month, Mon/Wed/Fri – 6.00 – 9.00 PM
– Four full days 9 AM – 6 PM on weekends.
– 5 days Residential Retreat.

Followed by optional weekly reporting and monthly meetings with an annual fellowship.

For more details, please contact:
saifysaraiya@gmail.com, or
Tel: 8248867042, 988408786