Preview Invite

We are launching the ONE Program on the 16th of June 2019. Society needs to be encouraged, supported and guided to find healing for itself, loved ones, its communities, countries and the whole world. We need to find courage and harmony… we need Occupassion – Network – Enrich.

Let’s meet for a 3 hour preview of this 36 hour program that will show individuals how to unleash their intuitions, creativities and sensitivities, collaborate to create support groups and find consensus and immediately initiate an action plan.

The world sorely needs people to tire of the negative, the mundane and strive to stand for goodness and the spreading of joy – to enjoin, support, promote and enliven the many movements for good that abound in the world. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience rather spirited beings seeking to surpass our humanity and evolve into a closer knit, nurturing society.

We want people to declare that they want things to be better, learn how to heal and share joy, populate community centres and spread happiness in the streets. That’s our 4 pillars of joy.

Join us for a morning of meaningful interaction and help build bridges with new made friends as we forge a way to create Occupassion – Network – Enrich

Saify Saraiya, Program Designer
Imran Ali Namazi, Learner