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Initiated By: Venkateshwaran A, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.

A new concept for a "political public limited company", aimed at real " by the people" government . U buy 1 share of the company by paying Re 1. This is the equivalent of 1 vote in the company. It works on the basis of pyramid. The base of the pyramid is share holders. The apex is the representative. The base pyramid is house. The share holders in the house select their representative. Each house representative will have a vote value which is equal to the number of votes he/she represents. The house representatives select their street representatives. They in turn select ward representatives. They select their panchayat /panchayat union /municipal /corporation /assembly and parliament representatives. Once the no. of share holders equals the "deposit amount", the company contests various elections according to the present laws. So the deposit will be back in the company's hand. When the shareholders' no. exceeds halfway mark, the company will see its representative occupying the governing seat. Then it will be truly a government "by the people". Such a government will work "for the people". If any of the share holder is unhappy with the company he /she can get back his /her share amount of Re 1. No election expenses. The founder of the company strongly believes that individuals r always good and honest. Present day social media will take care of communication issues. Any questions?

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