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The Institute of Noetic Sciences serves an emerging movement of globally conscious citizens dedicated to manifesting our highest capacities. We believe that consciousness is essential to a paradigm shift that will lead to a more sustainable world. We encourage open-minded explorations of consciousness through the meeting of science and spirit. We take inspiration from the great discoveries of human history that have been sourced from insight and intuition and that have harnessed reason and logic for their outer expression. It is our conviction that systematic inquiries into consciousness will catalyze positive concrete transformations in the world. In this process, our vision is to help birth a new worldview that recognizes our basic interconnectedness and interdependence and promotes the flourishing of life in all its magnificent forms.

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  1. Imran’s Article on I AM IONS:
    Title: Programmer turning Inwards

    All of my life I’ve had a sense that creation was special. I am lucky to have 2 wonderful uncles who have been a treasure trove of inspiration and information.

    I’m only 32, but have had some experience with the mysteries of life. These all were known by the Egyptians, Mayans and Atlanteans. We somehow lost touch with ourselves during the dark ages, but since 1600AD, have come into a new age of reasoning and of discovery.

    Consciousness is at the heart of everything, its what makes man the crown of creation (on Earth). Thats what drew me to IONS.

    We are all gifted and it’s up to us to explore/use it. My gift has been programming and believe me, it’s an Art (like any other) when done properly. It develops the mind splendidly.

    But technology is turning us into a bunch of mindless automatons. There is so much learning to be had (and shared). Thats why I created to collectively share what we’ve found to be real.

    There is a beautiful line in the movie The day the earth stood still ( It goes as follows: You say we’re on the brink of destruction and you’re right. But it’s only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve. This is our moment.

    I think somewhere it’s in resonance with the vision of IONS.

    Or, to put it in my own words (
    At the zenith of its flow, the exodus was turned. A hundred different movements began that systemmatically and lovingly changed the status quo. The animal instincts were humanized and the human instincts were hallowed and heightened.

    This is my sincere prayer, to change the status quo.
    – Amen

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