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PPI has the mission to cater to the holistic development needs of People and Planet in the 21st century, ushering change locally, regionally nationally, and globally too with a unique multidisciplinary, cybernetic Gandhian ideology based approach. PPI is an independent study-research-action platform interacting with researchers, scientists, academicians, governmental agencies and grass-root social organizations, related to the field of work.


Holistic Health Management expertise offered by PPI has the potential to address Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) such as diabetes, high blood-pressure, Cardiac ailments and so on that have taken endemic proportions. India is the capital for Diabetes. Spirit – Mind – Body energy balance and synergy is crucial in effective NCD intervention.

Participative Progress Management expertise offered by PPI has the capacity to involve citizens in exercising their democratic right by participating in ushering grass-root good governance at street level. Due to lack of people politics governance has been hijacked by selfish politicians interested only in increasing their wealth and power collaborating with unscrupulous business men.

Social Business Management expertise from PPI helps citizens to address environmental challenges with an entrepreneurial focus by looking at them as opportunities to bring about transformation. The elements water, earth and air suffer much pollution. Untreated sewage is let into lakes and rivers. The land has been poisoned with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

In the 21st century in India people are forced to take-up undignified livelihoods such as diving into sewer manholes to locate and clear blockages. Our fellow citizens are forced to live picking paper and plastics (rag-pickers) or as begging for a living / profession. These people need specific hand-holding strategic support to emancipate and mainstream them to dignified occupations; Social Business Management from PPI facilitates this.

Nature does not waste anything and Bio- Mimicry is something all citizens should know about. Due to the rampant improper sanitation practices human excreta is flushed with good water and turned into sewage. Instead eco-sanitation processes can be utilized to suitably harvest and convert human excreta into compost, thus renewing the soil and giving back life to it; PPI Social Business Management enables this.

Peace is essential for Progress. Peace is not the absence of war. In many nations constant preparation for war consumes humongous funds that could be diverted for development. Peace Architecture management from PPI provide a framework with an entrepreneurial thrust to provide the needed intervention for peace beginning from the individual, to issue specific aspects.

The Joy Indices program from PPI which is a part of the Economy of Joy School focuses on gross national joy. The present GNP blinkered economy does not address the chronic joylessness seen in societies. The ‘Smart Cities’; Project especially needs the complimentary support of ‘Joy City’ Indices in order to indicate where resources are to marshalled to emancipate joylessness in civilizations.

Climate Change Management program from PPI squarely addresses the primary reason for global warming and climate change, which is excess consumption. Gandhian ideology based ‘high-thinking and simple-living’ hold the key and precisely the thrust of PPI program. ‘Carbon footprint Consciousness’ in these times is a critical aspect of enlightenment that all citizens need to have to save our planet from getting destroyed by rising sea levels and dead oceans.

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