PACT Links

You may visit the following links (this page – – Instrumental Enrichment – a metacognitive program for developing ones ability to better meet goals by improving the process of input-elaboration-output.

/wve – WorldView Explorations – A trademarked set of 22 lessons for school and college children developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded in 1973.

/school – a curated list of 150 English songs for children, for better appreciation of music and culture. –

/values – A series of classroom exercises developed by Prof Naidu.

/pw – Peaceworks – Our program for guiding, counselling and skill development.

/tct – The Compass Team – with India’s first copyrighted, holistic child development program.

/pactg – The PACT discussion Google Group.

NB: these are short urls and do not end with a / [slash].