PACT Links

You may visit the following links (this page – – Instrumental Enrichment – a metacognitive program for developing ones ability to better meet goals by improving the process of input-elaboration-output.

/wve – WorldView Explorations – A trademarked set of 22 lessons for school and college children developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded in 1973.

/school – a curated list of 150 English songs for children, for better appreciation of music and culture. –

/values – A series of classroom exercises developed by Prof Naidu.

/pw – Peaceworks – Our program for guiding, counselling and skill development.

/tct – The Compass Team – with India’s first copyrighted, holistic child development program.

/pactg – The PACT discussion Google Group.

NB: these are short urls and do not end with a / [slash].

What is PACT

PACT – Peoples Alliance for Children and Teachers is an initiative by begun in September 2017 that is a platform for discussion, debate and action in the field of Education.

PACT is a coming together of all these involved in the holistic development of the child. First described by Rani here, PACT is a series of digests for parents, administrators, children and teachers, the influencers and the influenced who help shape and build a better tomorrow.

This is an invitation to one and all to give ideas on topics that should be covered, who can make videos, whether to setup an interactive Q&A site, who else to involve, what existing platforms and resources are available, a helper directory, some information for consideration by parents and teachers and what activities the children can do. These could include social awareness, ways to combat stress and peer pressure, developing ones sense of value and identity, inspiring ideas, tools and devices, holistic education etc.