Legacy YM

We’ve built a team of User Experience and web design experts, UI / Backend developers, copywriters and marketing professionals (for both traditional and digital marketing).

We are YieldMore.org and one of our missions is to help NGOs with technology, contacts and volunteers. We charge for our time at a discounted fee (when we choose to charge, if at all) and bring you the best possible website built on modern platforms like wordpress that are mobile friendly and help you convey your message and engage your audience.

We can also help you with build a presence on social media networks, prepare logos, brochures, newsletters and other PR material, organize events.

We recently brought on board, an expert from a social work background who has much experience helping NGOs like yourself create awareness campaigns and candid videos presenting who-you-are to the rest of the internet world.

We can also help you plan Digital Marketing and Crowd-Funding campaigns and even collect money directly through payment gateway integrations on your website.

We offer a lot, but we do it with a sincere mind for helping you help the world become a better place. We would be glad to teach your own team/volunteers any of our diverse skills to help them fuel your goals.

To know more about what we can do for you and why were the best option, please contact Imran at 9566166880 / send an email to shasa@cselian.com. To see our full range of Products and Services, visit https://cselian.com/.

Do note, that we try and use our students to execute the work, thus giving them an opportunity to hone their newly acquired skill and helping keep the costs down.


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